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Can Pregnant Women and Newborns Use Face Cream?

According to experienced mothers, no cosmetics can be used during pregnancy. If pregnant women can't make up, then they need to apply some cream. But can pregnant women use facial cream?

1. Can pregnant women use facial cream?

Pregnant women can use facial cream. But when pregnant women choose skin care products to use during pregnancy, they must pay more attention to the safety of the products and choose products that are moisturizing enough. In the selection of product ingredients, try to use those pure natural, non-irritating plant and animal elements to ensure effective care and health.

Parents should choose the qualified face cream manufacturer, in case of buying inferior products. Choose a high-quality brand with a good reputation, you can also choose baby skin care creams, which will minimize skin irritation, and there will be no harm after the body is absorbed, and will not affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses. When choosing a cream, it is best to choose a cream suitable for pregnant women in the maternity and infant skin care products counter of the regular shopping mall. During pregnancy, expectant mothers must maintain a good attitude and adjust the time of work and rest in life. Facial care can refer to the above natural skin care methods, and adhere to exercise to improve your own immunity.

2. Can a three-month-old baby apply facial cream?

Generally, a baby just born is not suitable for any skin care products, but as the baby grows up, it will be more and more exposed to the outside world, so it is necessary to choose some suitable skin care products according to the specific situation. Many parents consider whether to use skin care products for their three-year-old babies, so we will explain them in detail next.

The cream has the effect of moisturizing the skin, whitening, and anti-aging. However, babies use creams to prevent dry skin. As for how old the baby can use the cream, it can be used after the baby is three months old. Now there are baby-specific facial creams, which will not affect the baby's skin. Adult facial creams are not suitable for babies. What's more, you can also choose specialized private label hand lotion and body lotion for your baby.

In addition to face creams, there are many baby moisturizers. Common baby moisturizers are divided into three types: lotion (body lotion), moisturizer and moisturizer. Lotion generally contains natural moisturizing ingredients, which can effectively moisturize the baby's skin; moisturizers generally contain moisturizing factors, which are the most commonly used skin care products in autumn and winter; moisturizers contain natural mineral oil, which can prevent dryness and moisturize the skin.

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