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Types of Face Cleanser/Face Wash

ROSEMARY is invested in formulating effective facial wash products that meet our clinets' marketing goals and needs.That is why our team develops ,manufactures, and packages a wide range of face cleanser products for different skin types at any age.

Different skin types should use different masks in order to achieve better results, mud masks are good for oily skin because they can absorb excess oils,leave-in masks are selected by people who has hydrating or miniaturizing demands for their dry skins,  sheet masks are the most traditional masks that can improve skin complexion instantly with multiple purposes.


FAQs of Face Cleanser/Face Washer

Q: Can we use Facewash daily?

Face wash products can be used every day. Our skin will be stained with a lot of dust and dirt every day, using facia face wash can completely clean our skin and make the skin refreshing and clean.

Q: What should we apply after Facewash?

We suggest to apply the toner or moisturizer and cream, depends on your daily skincare routine.

Q: How can we choose face wash according to different skin types?

People's skin can be divided into four types: dry, oily, neutral and sensitive. Most people have neutral skin. They can use our normal high quality face wash. Dry skin will feel tight soon after washing the face. Moisturizing and antipruritic face wash would be helpful. Oily skin people should use oil control face wash with stronger cleansing effects. Sensitive skin is very delicate. Therefore, people should use a mild face wash that was designed for sensitive skin.

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