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How to Determine if Hand Cream Has Expired? Can It Still Be Used After Expiration?

Can you eat after applying hand cream?

It's best not to eat immediately after applying hand cream. Hand cream is a skincare product, although it contains fewer chemicals than cosmetics, it doesn't mean it doesn't have any chemicals. The main ingredients of hand cream include moisturizers, oils, vitamins, and chemical additives, including fragrances and preservatives. If you eat immediately after applying hand cream, the cream will get on the food and eventually into your mouth, which is definitely not good.

Hand cream also contains chemicals, although they are not highly irritating, excessive intake can certainly affect your health. The main ingredient in hand cream is oil, and oil has a certain adsorption capacity. When exposed to air, it will adsorb dust and bacteria from the air, especially greasy hand cream, which has stronger adsorption capacity. In this way, bacteria and dust are absorbed onto the hands, and when they touch food and finally reach the mouth, it is unhygienic and unhealthy.

It is recommended to wash off the hand cream before eating. Usually, it is necessary to wash hands before eating, especially for food that needs to be eaten with hands. Even if there is no hand cream on the hands, there are still bacteria. It is still unhygienic to eat without washing hands. Therefore, it is recommended to wash hands before eating, wash hands after eating, and apply hand cream after washing hands.

Can you still use expired hand cream?

It's best not to use it. Once opened and used, the mouth of the hand cream tube has already been exposed to bacteria and microorganisms in the air, resulting in an oxidation reaction. As a result, the active ingredients in the hand cream will gradually lose their effectiveness, and may even deteriorate in the end. Therefore, expired hand cream not only loses its original moisturizing effect, but may also have a negative effect on the skin. Although the hand cream still smells good, it is because of the added fragrance. It is not recommended to continue using such hand cream.

How to determine if hand cream has expired?

The most direct way is to check the expiration date. The shelf life of unopened hand cream is generally 1-3 years. If it has been opened, the shelf life will be shorter. By checking the packaging of the hand cream, you can usually clearly know the production date and expiration date. If the outer packaging is lost or the lettering is blurred, you can judge by the texture of the hand cream. If the hand cream has an unpleasant smell, separation of water and oil, or other abnormal conditions when squeezed out, it is likely that the hand cream has expired.

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