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The Functions and Types of Alcohol Based Wipes

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our lives have undergone many changes, especially people's requirements for "hygiene", which are no longer limited to cleanliness and tidiness. With the increasing awareness of hygiene and disinfection, alcohol disinfectant wipes have become more and more necessary for families. Compared with ordinary wipes, alcohol based wipes have a wider range of uses.

Function of alcohol based wipes

Alcohol wet wipes are used for sterilization and disinfection, and can be used to wipe hands and faces to keep the area clean, prevent infection, and kill bacteria. Alcohol has a disinfection effect and will not lead to infection, making it a disinfectant wipe. Wet wipes are moistened paper towels used to clean and wipe the skin. Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two types: one is disinfected but cannot disinfect other items, and contains skin care ingredients, which can only be used for skin moisturizing and maintenance; the other type is disinfected and can also disinfect other items. Disinfectant wipes can be used to disinfect or sterilize skin abrasions, scratches, and other injuries. The packaging will usually indicate the disinfectant or sterilizing ingredients.

Classification of alcohol based wipes

  • According to the raw materials, there are two types of wet wipes: wet strong paper and non-woven fabric. Most alcohol based wipes use non-woven fabric, and in more detail, non-woven fabric is mostly made of hydroentangling; from the raw material aspect, it can also be divided into polyester and cotton. Polyester feels hard and smooth, while cotton feels soft.

  • According to the process, wet wipes can be divided into cross-folding and parallel-folding. Cross-folding has more even pull in all directions.

Can alcohol based wipes be used to wipe the face?

No, alcohol wet wipes should not be used to wipe the face. The main component of alcohol based wipes is alcohol, which has strong irritation. Facial skin is tender and delicate, so applying it to the face can easily cause irritation, damage the skin barrier, and cause a significant tingling sensation. Wet wipes can be divided into two types: one type is disinfected and contains skin care ingredients, which can be used to wipe the skin, while the other type contains alcohol and can be used to disinfect items. When using alcohol based wipes, pay attention to the function of the wipes. They are mainly used for sterilizing and disinfecting skin abrasions, scratches, and other injuries, and for cleaning and disinfecting daily items.

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