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Can Pregnant Women Use Face Cleanser?

During pregnancy, the hormones in the pregnant woman's body change, and the secretion of oil becomes vigorous. It is difficult to remove the oil from the face just by washing the face with water. However, in order to avoid certain ingredients in skin care products from affecting the healthy growth of babies, the choice of products is also very important. Can pregnant women use facial cleanser?

1. About face cleanser

Facial cleansers are cleansing cosmetics and are used to remove dirt on the surface of the facial skin and keep the skin fresh and comfortable. Facial cleanser helps to maintain the normal physiological functions of the skin, and is usually used as the first step in the skin care process. Facial cleanser is a cleaning product used to clean facial dirt such as sweat and dust. When washing the skin, the object of face cleanser is the dirt generated from the body such as sebum, sweat, and peeled stratum corneum cells in the human face, and external dirt such as dust, various microorganisms, and cosmetic residues. Different brands of facial cleansers cannot be evaluated in the same way. In addition to the female face cleanser, there is a male face cleanser. You can choose facial cleansers of different brands and effects according to your needs. Dry skin should choose a facial cleanser with a high moisturizing degree; for oily skin, it is best to choose a water-quality cleansing product with an oil-control effect.

2. Can pregnant women use face cleanser?

It is generally recommended that pregnant women try not to make up as much as possible, but basic skin care is still necessary. However, pregnant women need to choose facial cleansers carefully, and it is best to use facial cleansers exclusively for pregnant women. If it is a facial cleanser with a very single ingredient, such as pure plant ingredients, it is also possible. Be careful not to choose facial cleansers that contain other complex ingredients, because these facial cleansers may contain aloe, musk, safflower and other ingredients. These ingredients have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and may cause malformations in the fetus, so they are not recommended for pregnant women. What's more, please make sure you choose a qualified face cleanser manufacturer.

In addition, pregnant women should choose cleansing milk mainly for cleansing, and some facial cleansers with the effect of lightening and whitening are not recommended for pregnant women. Because these facial cleansers may contain some chemical components such as lead and mercury, which may affect the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women use facial cleansers exclusively for pregnant women. When choosing skin care products such as facial cleansers, pay attention to choosing products with a single composition to avoid skin irritation or allergies.

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