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Key Considerations for Choosing Alcohol Based Wipes

Alcohol based wipes and disinfectant have almost become a must-have item when going out. Elevators, door handles, offices, and other public areas can be wiped with wipes before touching them, protecting people from bacterial infections. However, 75% alcohol disinfectant is classified as a flammable and "dangerous item", and cannot be taken into the subway, while alcohol wet wipes can. Compared with liquid alcohol, 75% alcohol wet wipes have more applications.

Understanding Alcohol Based Wipes

Compared with ordinary wipes, alcohol disinfectant wipes contain 75% alcohol disinfectant liquid. It can effectively enter the bacteria and solidify the protein inside, thereby killing Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, etc. It can not only be used for hand disinfection but also for shoe, furniture, etc. disinfection, meeting more disinfection needs in various scenarios.

As a disinfectant wipe, alcohol based wipes have the function of sterilization and can be used to wipe hands, face, etc., to maintain local cleanliness and prevent infection. Alcohol based wipes can not only be used to wipe hands, face, etc., but also can be used to clean the surface of shoes and wipe daily furniture. In addition to home use, it is also convenient to carry when going out, and the sterilization effect is as same as alcohol.

Choosing Alcohol Based Wipes

All alcohol based wipes have a shelf life. When buying alcohol wet wipes, you need to pay attention to whether they have expired. Once they have expired, the sterilization component of the alcohol wet wipes will be greatly reduced. When selecting and using alcohol wet wipes, the following points should be noted:

  • Alcohol concentration: The alcohol content of the wipes should be between 75% and 99% on the surface of the wipes.

  • Presence of Nurture Components: Alcohol can easily cause dryness on the skin after wiping, so it is necessary to see if there are any nurturing components added to the surface of the wipes.

In addition, when using disinfectant wipes, it should be noted that alcohol based wipes are disposable and cannot be reused. Disinfectant wipes contain alcohol, and when using or discarding them, they should be kept away from heat sources to prevent fire. Excessive exposure to preservatives and chemical ingredients such as alcohol can have certain effects on health and can cause contact dermatitis and skin allergies. Generally, after using wet wipes, people do not wash their hands again, so the chemical components of the wet wipes will remain on their hands, which is not conducive to the health of children.

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