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How Much Do You Know About Hand Cream?

Understand hand cream

Hand cream is a skincare product that can heal and smooth skin cracks and dryness. It can effectively prevent and treat rough and dry hands in autumn and winter seasons. Regular use in autumn and winter can make the skin on hands more delicate and moisturized. So how many times should hand cream be used in a day? Is there a need to differentiate between day and night?

Questions about hand cream

Should hand cream be differentiated for day and night? It is best to differentiate between day and night care. During the day, apply hand cream with sun protection on the back of the hands. The hands are involved in many activities during the day, so it is recommended to choose a non-greasy and quickly-absorbing hand cream. At night, apply a more moisturizing and greasy hand cream. You can also wear cotton gloves to enhance the moisturizing effect. Hand cream can be used at night, and its effectiveness is better at night because the skin has more time to fully absorb the active ingredients of the hand cream. It is also possible to choose a more moisturizing type of hand cream at night.

How many times should hand cream be applied in a day? Hand cream can be applied anytime, anywhere. The number of applications in a day should not be less than three times. It is essential to apply hand cream in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Unlike facial skincare, hand cream is easily washed off due to handwashing and touching objects. Therefore, it is recommended to apply hand cream more frequently. If you do not want to apply hand cream after every handwashing, it is recommended to buy hand creams with good quality and moisturizing properties.

Can hand cream be applied to the feet? Yes, hand cream can be applied to the feet, especially the heels. Applying hand cream to the feet can prevent dryness and cracking of the foot skin, as hand cream is generally moisturizing and beneficial for the feet.

What kind of hand cream should office workers use? Moisturizing hand creams are a good choice. Office workers face computers every day, and combined with air conditioning or heating in the office, the humidity is often low, leading to dry and dehydrated hands. Highly moisturizing hand creams that contain herbal ingredients can effectively deeply moisturize the hands and keep them soft and tender.

How long can a hand cream generally last? About one gram of hand cream is sufficient for each application, it is not recommended to apply too much as it will make the hands greasy and hinder the breathability of the skin. Apply hand cream at least three times a day. A 40-50 ml hand cream can be used up in less than a month. If hand cream expires, there is no need to worry about wastage. It can be used to polish shoes, as shoes polished with hand cream will have a more radiant shine.

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