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Face Creams for Different Age Groups

Nowadays, people's awareness of skincare is getting higher and higher, but there are still several misunderstandings about skincare, such as the use of facial cream. Many people don't use face cream because they feel that they shouldn't use it at their age. So when do we start using face cream?

1. The role of the face cream

Many people have no idea about the function of face cream. Some people even say that they don't need it. It is indispensable for correct skincare: facial cleanser, toner, essence, lotion, and face cream. As the last step, the use of face cream is to lock water and protect our face. As long as we start skincare, we must use facial cream. In fact, you should use face cream even if you are 18 years old. It's just that the skin age is different, and the type of face cream used is also different.

2. When do we start using face cream?

(1) Face creams for skin under 24 years of age: You can directly use the moisturizing face cream when you are below 24 years old. It can maintain the moisture of the skin, allowing you to firmly lock in moisture while replenishing water and delay skin problems caused by skin dehydration.

(2) Face cream for 25 to 30 years old skin: This age group should start to use a face cream with an anti-oxidant effect. After the age of 25, the skin begins to age, and it is prone to have fine lines and dry lines. The anti-oxidant facial cream can improve the skin's anti-oxidation properties, thereby delaying the appearance of fine lines.

(3) Face cream for 30 to 35-year-old skin: 30 to 35-year-olds should choose face creams with whitening and firming effects. Because most women in this age group are married and give birth, and endocrine disorders can lead to problems such as dark yellow skin and even freckles. Using facial cream with whitening and firming effects can improve these skin problems.

(4) Face cream for skin over 35 years old: Use high quality face cream with repairing and anti-aging effects at this age group, because the metabolic cycle of the skin at this age is quite slow, and the cells are damaged, which will show the tendency of aging. For example, eye wrinkles and nasolabial folds, and so on will show up. Repairing and anti-aging facial creams can effectively repair damaged skin, enhance the activity of skin cells, and effectively solve problems of skin aging and sagging, and restore skin fullness and vitality.

No matter what age group or skin type you are, you must choose skincare products properly according to your skin's needs in order to improve and solve skin problems more effectively. We hope that every woman can accurately learn the methods of skincare and stop using skincare products improperly. Skin products are not about price, but whether they are suitable for yourself.

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