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Types of Facial Face Mask

Face masks are a great stage to add into your skincare regime as they help to unclog pores and banish breakouts. We have a massive range to choose from, different types of facial face mask products can help with your different needs.


FAQs of Facial Face Mask

Q: How do I choose facial face mask according to my skin type?

People's skin can be divided into four types: dry, oily, neutral and sensitive. 

Q: What are the functions of facial face mask?

Moisturize, whitening, cleaning and assisting in repairing damaged skin. There are many types of beauty face mask products. Different types of facial face masks have different functions. The most common mask is the moisturizing mask, which provides a closed environment for the face after applying it to the face, so as to increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum.

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