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When Can the Baby Use Face Cream After Birth?

A healthy smile of the baby will always bring happiness to us. Newborn babies usually have delicate skin which is quite vulnerable. They are quite common to have dry skin and some mothers use face cream to help treat it. Thus, when can the baby use face cream?

1. When can the baby use face cream?

Face cream can be applied to the baby after the first month. The newborn baby has quite the same sebum as adults and the content is reduced after a month. A baby's skin is quite different from an adult's skin and is more vulnerable. Therefore, it is recommended that babies should use face cream specially formulated for their age groups rather than using adults' products.

2. How to choose the face cream for your baby?

Mothers should choose skincare products from famous brands. These products are made after in-depth studies and repeated trials and then qualified products can launch the market. The face cream should be highly moisturizing and non-irritating. Generally, the skincare products specifically made for babies should be natural and non-irritating. Don't give your baby the chemical-containing skincare products used by adults for saving money and laziness. Parents should choose the qualified face cream manufacturer, in case of buying inferior products because of being greedy for small advantages, which will cause severe harm to the baby's skin.

In addition, many parents often have such doubts when choosing baby moisturizers: Is it better to choose a lotion, moisturizer, or moisturizer? Is it necessary to use both body lotion and moisturizer for babies? Emulsion generally contains natural moisturizing ingredients, has a light texture, and has a certain moisturizing effect. It is suitable for autumn and early winter, and it is also more suitable for use in winter in the south. Moisturizers generally contain high moisturizing ingredients and are more commonly used in autumn and winter in the north and winter in the south. There is also a kind of emollient oil, which is generally a yellow liquid. Due to the addition of olive oil and other mineral oil or vegetable oil ingredients, the texture is a bit greasy, but it can effectively "rescue" the baby's dry and cracked skin and has the best moisturizing effect.

3. How to apply face cream for babies?

The right way to use face cream are as follows: First, start from the dry part and smoothen it out gently. Second, the skin-baring outside can apply much more cream than other parts of the body due to a large amount of water evaporation. Third, more cream can be applied to the extensor surface of the limbs, hands, and feet, etc. where the sebaceous gland is secreted less; Other parts of the body can apply less so that the skin can breathe freely.

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