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How to Choose Bath Foam?

Ⅰ. Buy the bath foam

There is a layer of natural oil film on the outside of human skin, which locks the moisture of the human body and resists the dust from the outside world. It is easier for oily skin to form this layer of film than for other types of skin. Compared with oily skin, it is not easy for dry skin to form this layer of film. So when buying private label bubble bath, you must choose it according to your own skin type, otherwise it may cause problems such as tight skin after bathing. Therefore, how to choose the right bath foam according to your skin type?

Ⅱ. How to choose bath foam?

1. Measure the pH: Many cleaning products are in pursuit of good cleaning effect, which will lead to high alkaline in the bath foam. The long-term use of such bath foam is not good for our skin. Therefore, when choosing bath foam, you can measure the pH of the bath foam first. The best bath foam is weakly acidic, and even the neutral ones are better than alkaline bath foam.

2. Check the clarity: prepare a bottle of water, and then drop the bath foam into the bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously. The more bubbles appear, the better the bath foam. Let the bottle stand for five minutes, and then observe the clarity of the water in the bottle. The clearer the water, the better the bath foam. And bath foam with clear water is also more natural and less harmful to the skin.

3. Check the penetration ability: apply a little bath foam on the skin, if the skin can absorb the applied bath foam, and the skin feels moist and comfortable without dryness or discomfort feelings, then it means this bath foam is better.

4. Check the melting degree of the salt: take a small amount of salt and put a few drops of bath foam on the salt, and then use a toothpick to stir continuously to observe the salt. If the salt is slowly melted by the bath foam, it means this bath foam has good effect. It had good cleansing power for oily skin. If the salt doesn't melt, then the bath foam is not good.

5. Check the practicality: prepare two water bottles, pour the same amount of water, and then drop the same amount of bath foam into them. Shake the bottle, and observe the foaming situation. The more foam the bath foam has, the better quality it is. In the case of the same foam, the lower the number of drops, the higher the practicality of the shower gel, which is more recommended to buy.

6. Check the degree of stimulation: the stimulation degree of good bath foam is very small, even if you get it into the eyes when using it, there will be no stinging. Therefore, directly applying the foam of the bath foam to the eyes is also a detection method, but this method is more risky, so it is not recommended to use it.

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