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The Difference Between Chapstick and Lip Gloss

Chapstick and lip gloss are both cosmetic tools for creating watery and luminous lip makeup. To make the lip skin moist, delicate and long-lasting, chapstick and lip gloss play important roles. There are different types of lip care products such as chapstick , lip gloss and lip mask bulk on the market. A moisturizing chapstick can get rid of dryness and peeling on your lips, and a useful lip gloss can make your lips more sexy and attractive. So how to choose chapstick and lip gloss? What is the main difference between them?

1. The difference between chapstick and lip gloss

(1) State: The chapstick is in a solid state while lip gloss is in a liquid state.

(2) Color: Chapsticks have bright colors, and some are colorless and transparent, while lip glosses are generally bright in color.

(3) Function: The main function of chapstick is to moisturize the lips and isolate the external irritation to the lip skin, while the function of lip gloss is to brighten the skin tone and color the lips, which is similar to the function of lipstick to some extent.

(4) Persistence: The texture of the chapstick is relatively viscous, and it is not easy to smudge when applied on the lips, while lip gloss has a strong fluidity and has poor durability on the makeup, which needs to be touched up every 1 to 2 hours.

2. How to choose chapstick and lip gloss?

Good private label chapstick and lip gloss can make lip makeup sexy and attractive, but also minimize the irritation and damage to the lip skin. So how do we select chapsticks and lip glosses?

(1) Shape: Both lip chapstick and lip gloss have cylindrical and rectangular shapes. Generally speaking, cylindrical shapes are more convenient and flexible to use, while rectangular ones will highlight your personality. How to choose depends on your own needs.

(2) Ingredients: The selling points of chapstick and lip gloss are mint fragrance type, vitamin type, natural vegetable oil type and so on. It is not recommended for girls to buy mint type chapstick and lip gloss because it is more irritating to the lips, and girls with the allergic skin should also choose fragrance-free chapsticks and lip glosses.

(3) Color: The darker the color of healing chapstick and lip gloss, the more chemicals such as dyes and pigments are added, and the more harmful it is to the skin. Inferior chapsticks and lip glosses often rely on bright colors to attract people to buy. The chapstick and lip gloss should be moisturizing and serviceable. We should not choose inferior chapstick and lip gloss for the pursuit of high saturation lip color.

(4) Gloss: The chapstick and lip gloss have a certain degree of gloss. In terms of the durability of gloss, the effect of matte products will be better; and if you want to be the focus, it will be better to choose the type with higher gloss.

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