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What Season is Suitable for Chapstick? What is the Difference Between It and Lip Gloss?

It is the dream of every woman to have two sexy lips, and chapstick just caters to the women's pursuit of beauty, and it has become a must-have cosmetic in their makeup bag. Applying the chapstick of the best chapstick manufacturer properly can make a person look extra charming, so what season is chapstick suitable for? What is the difference between chapstick and lip gloss?

1. What season is suitable for chapstick?

Some people say that chapstick is to the lips what a sun block is to the face. It can be seen that the moisturizing effect of chapstick is obvious, but once it is applied on the mouth, beauties can always feel its thick texture, so when is the chapstick suitable for use?

In fact, chapstick is a daily skin care product, and there is no specific season to use it, but the most suitable season for chapstick should be autumn and winter. Because of the dry weather in autumn and winter, the lip skin is prone to dehydration and peeling. At this time, applying a warm chapstick can isolate the lips from the dry and cold outside and restore the lip skin to whiteness and tenderness. In addition to applying a thick layer of chapstick on the mouth in autumn and winter, beauties can also use lip cling film and apply a hot wet towel on their mouths, then you will say goodbye to the peeling of mouth. Of course, in addition to moisturizing effect, chapstick also has a modifier effect. In hot spring and summer, chapstick or the lip mask wholesale can also be used to modify the lip line, but it is best for beauties to choose a thin, refreshing and moisturizing chapstick!

2. What is the difference between chapstick and lip gloss?

Chapstick and lip gloss are very similar in shape and volume. If the packaging of both are in foreign languages, it will be even more difficult for beauties to tell who is who! Is there any other way to easily distinguish between chapstick and lip gloss? The beauties who are familiar with chapstick and lip gloss can distinguish them only in terms of color and texture. So how do you distinguish between chapstick and lip gloss?

(1) In terms of color saturation, the color saturation of chapstick is relatively high, while the color of general lip gloss is very light, which is gel type and looks crystal clear.

(2) In terms of hiding power, the hiding power of chapstick is very good. It is very suitable to modify the lip shape and lip color, while the hiding power of lip gloss is relatively poor. Beautiful women usually use it with other chapstick and lip gloss.

(3) In terms of staying power, chapstick can fix lip makeup very well, especially solid chapstick, which is not easy to overflow even when the lip lines are deep, while the lip gloss has a stronger fluid feeling and will easily overflow from lip lines when applied on the lips.

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