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Cleansing Principle and Function of Face Cleanser

Face cleanser can deeply clean our skin and take away the dirt in the pores. It is a kind of skin care product that is very popular and loved by everyone. Face cleanser is a very important skin care product in daily skin care.

Ⅰ. The cleansing principle of face cleanser

Generally speaking, face cleanser is a paste product composed of oil phase, water phase, surfactant, moisturizing agent, nutrient and other ingredients. The creamy face cleanser contains oil phase ingredients and is suitable for dry skin; crystal clear products do not contain oil phase ingredients, and if the formula is properly conditioned, it can meet the needs of most consumers. The surfactant in the face cleanser has five functions of wetting, dispersing, foaming, decontamination and emulsification, and is the main active substance of the cleanser. In addition, according to the principle of similar compatibility, during the face washing process, the oil-soluble grease and excess oil on the face can be dissolved by the oil phase; the water-soluble sweat stains on the face can be dissolved by the water phase. Due to the sleep time at night, the skin will still undergo metabolism, not only the secretion of protective oils and sweat, but also the skin care products applied at night may also be oxidized to dirt by the air, and the shedding of aging keratin, and the pillows and sheets. If you don't use face cleanser to clean the skin, it will affect the normal metabolism of the skin, and it is easy to block the pores, resulting in acne, blackheads and other problems.

Ⅱ. What is the function of face wash products?

1. Remove build-up: Every day our face is affected by pollution, dust, sweat. So, after 8 to 9 hours outside, you can imagine the condition of your skin. Therefore, washing your face helps remove oil, dirt, and other pollutants that water alone cannot. If you are a person who uses makeup on a daily basis, then you must remove it before going to bed. You can choose any type of face wash that suits your skin type. Therefore, washing your face with a face wash will help keep your skin looking fresh, clean, and soft.

2. Help keep skin hydrated: Regular and proper skin cleansing will help maintain the pH of the skin, making it soft, supple, and youthful. Since face washes help remove dead skin cells, your face will be better able to absorb moisture and other products.

3. Help exfoliate: Washing your face is not clean, only removes oil and dirt from the skin, and face wash products also remove dry and dead skin cells, revealing a layer of fresh skin. Your face will be smooth and naturally glowing.

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