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Types of Face Cream/Face Moisturizer

Treat your skin to the intensely nourishing properties of high quality Face Cream, a rich yet lightweight moisturiser that replenishes thirsty skin whilst providing the perfect base for flawless makeup application.


FAQs of Face Cream/Face Moisturizer

Q: Should you use face cream everyday?

To get the best results, we suggest using high quality facial cream/facial moisturizer every day after using the face wash.

Q: How can we choose Face Cream according to different skin types?
  •  Oily skin: Choose refreshing face cream with light texture, such as gel or serum texture.

  •  Dry skin: Choose a relatively thick moisturizing face cream.

  • Sensitive skin: Because the skin is sensitive, avoid using the face cream with fragrances and preservatives which might cause irritations.

Q: Are face creams good for your skin?

Face cream is an essential skin care product for daily skin care. It is applied during the day to enhance the skin's defenses. When you apply the face cream at night, it can help to giving postive effects for skin while sleeping.

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