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  • Laboratory

    Rosemary's R&D laboratory is equipped with an imported 100-grade ultra-clean operating platform, and it adopts advanced experimental techniques for testing. Rigorous microbiological testing is the most important means to ensure the microscopic quality of products.

  • Filling Equipment
    Filling Equipment

    We have fully-automatic filling lines in the factory, which can fill 60,000 bottles per hour. In addition, we also have semi-automatic filling lines for orders of small quantities, which can meet diversified production requirements and provide customers with customized services.

  • Liquid Production Facilities
    Liquid Production Facilities

    The introduction of new equipment has increased the overall production capacity of the factory, enabling us to serve more customers while ensuring efficient production.

    The combination of different emulsifying pots and mixing pots ensures a daily liquid output of 30 tons in the factory, which fully meets the needs of customers. During the transportation of raw materials, we transport them separately in different storage tanks to minimize the possibility of secondary pollution.

  • Water Treatment Equipment
    Water Treatment Equipment

    We implement strict control on water sources. While introducing reverse osmosis water purifier, we further adopt secondary purification to ensure that all water meets the quality standards of medical water.

  • Purification Unit
    Purification Unit

    There is an advanced air circulation system in the standards as a 100000-grade GMP workshop to ensure that there is no pollution during production. The system realizes intelligent operation, and with the mobile terminal, it can monitor the running status of the circulation system real time.

    As for quality control, we remain rigorous as always. We have never lowered our standards on details and quality.

  • Assembling Workshop
    Assembling Workshop

    Our assembling production workshop can work efficiently and fulfill our customers' orders in good quality and on time.

Unit 201, No.31 Xiangyue Road, Industrial Area (Xiangan) Torch High-Tech Zone, Xiamen, China