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What Are the Things to Be Aware of when Using a Hydrating Mist Spray?

As the sensitive and easily affected season of spring and autumn arrives, hydrating mist spray not only soothes and calms the skin, but is also super suitable for lazy girls. Some people say that hydrating mist spray is useless and no different from toner. So, what is the difference between hydrating mist spray and toner?

The difference between hydrating mist spray and toner

Toner is mainly for the "second cleaning" of the skin, removing residual dirt, facial cleanser residue, etc., while providing moisture to the skin while removing residual impurities on the skin. Hydrating mist spray is just to add water, soothe and calm the skin. The two are completely different.

Issues to note when using hydrating mist spray

Spray is actually artificial fog. Simply put, liquid is sprayed out in extremely fine water droplets through a high-pressure system. Its biggest feature is convenience; it can be sprayed anytime and anywhere. However, some people who use hydrating mist spray not only cannot moisturize their skin but also tend to take away the skin's moisture, making it drier. To use hydrating mist spray well, there are also some rules. So, what issues should be noted when using hydrating mist spray?

Do you need to dry after using hydrating mists? 

Generally, hydrating mist spray does not need to be dried after use. Gently pat it with clean hands until it is absorbed, but if you use hot spring water spray, you need to be careful. Hot spring water is generally low in tension and cannot be completely absorbed by the skin. Residual on the face will accelerate the loss of skin moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to press dry with tissue after about 30 seconds, or else it will take away the original moisture on the face and possibly dry out the skin.

Do you need basic skin care after using hydrating mist spray? 

Hydrating mist spray does not contain (or contain enough) lipids to lock in moisture and prevent moisture from evaporating and losing. If hydrating mist spray is used as skin care every day, the skin will become increasingly dry, sensitive, prone to inflammation, and even prematurely develop fine lines and wrinkles. Spray is just our auxiliary skin care tool.

Can hydrating mist spray be used for makeup setting? 

Hydrating mist spray is generally not recommended as a makeup setting spray because it contains mainly water molecules, which cannot set makeup. Some hydrating mist sprays even have particularly large water molecules, which accidentally smudge makeup quite easily. If you want makeup setting, you can use a specially formulated setting spray.

When is the best time to use hydrating mists? 

Although hydrating mist spray can be sprayed anytime and anywhere, it is best to use it under the following circumstances: when the skin is dry and lacking water, when the skin needs to be soothed after sun exposure, and when the skin is sensitive in the spring season.

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