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Types of Body Wash Products

Reinvigorate, refresh, calm and relax with our delicious array of body washes. Transport yourself to a happy place with aromatic scents and moisturising oils, while cleaning and exfoliating your skin to achieve a flawless complexion. 


FAQs of Body Wash

Q: Is body wash better than soap?

The skin care products for bathing are generally soaps or body wash, but different people have different preferences. Some people like to use soap with a good cleaning effect to remove oil while some people prefer to use body wash because it is more hydrating and mild.

Q: What is body wash used for?

The body wash is used for cleaning the dirt, extra sebum and other impurities on skins. As a private label body wash manufacturer in China, we have high quality body wash for sale at a cheap price.

Q: How can we choose Body Wash according to different skin types?

People's skin can be divided into four types: dry, oily, neutral and sensitive. Most people have neutral skin. They can return to their original state about half an hour after taking a shower, they could use normal body wash. Dry skin will feel tight soon after taking a shower. Moisturizing and antipruritic body wash would be helpful. Oily skin is easy to form dirt because of more sweat and sebum secretion, which can block pores and even lead to acne. So people should choose body wash with strong cleansing effects. Sensitive skin is very delicate. It will turn red even if it is slightly stimulated. Therefore, people should use body wash that was designed for sensitive skin.

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